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Gyakorló mondatok

Rátok ezek vonatkoznak:

befejezett jelen

folyamatos jelen

egyszerű jelen

egyszerű jövő

egyszerű feltételes mód

Órai gyakorló mondatok:


Have you put the bags in the car?

Don’t shut the door, please.

Only I can take the bags from the car.

Can I help you?

Can I come back for you?


I can’t park the car there.

Are you here in Budapest for the first time?

Which hotel are you staying in?

Have you called a black car?

Where have you come from?


Do you have a POS terminal?

Which turn are you taking?

Do you want to go to your hotel?

Do you want to know a good place to eat?

Do you want to go to buy something when you go to the airport?


Betetted a táskákat az autóba?

Kérlek, ne csapd be az ajtót.

Csak én vehetem ki a táskákat az autóból.


Visszajöhetek érted?


Nem tudom ott leparkolni az autót.

Első alkalommal vagy Budapesten?

Melyik hotelben szállsz meg (éppen)?

Fekete autót hívtál?

Honnan jöttél meg?


How could I get to the Castle in 20 minutes?

Do you know who I can come for?

Which way would you like me to take?

Can you tell me where you need to get?

Have you decided which destination you would go?


Have you taken him there?

Do you know what kind of car you have called?

Can you open the door?

Could you take me there for ten thousand forints?

When can we get to the destination?


How far is the airport?

It depends on how much money you have.

Have a nice flight.

It can depend on the traffic.

How much money will it cost?